Top Chef New Orleans returns for a double elimination episode. That’s right, somebody’s going home in the Quick Fire AND the Elimination Challenge. It’s heartbreaking, but at least there aren’t so many chefs on my TV.

For the Quick Fire, the chefs tackle four of Dana Cowin’s current pet peeves: bacon, eggs, kale, and smoke. No, they don’t just make one delicious omelette. Twice this episode we get to play “Which is the bigger sin?” Is it too salty, or something EXPLICITLY FORBIDDEN IN THE CHALLENGE?

Elimination time, and the contestants (notice how I’m not calling them cheftestants?) have to recreate famous dishes from the legendary New Orleans restaurant Commander’s Palace… for the chef’s who invented them. It’s a crazy difficult assignment, even for the judges. They have to taste this many things:


Who can remember which of those strawberry dishes was the best? Acheson, that’s Hugh.

In the comments, tell us which is the bigger sin, undersalting or overcooking? While you’re at it, let us know who you think is going to be aroud for restaurant wars and what mistake would send your knives packing.

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