Top Chef Canada is back and I’m really excited. Well, I was until I watched the first episode, but more on that in a moment. We’re not going to have time to podcast about each episode but we are going to try really hard to write short blog posts each week to spark discussion and hopefully we’ll do a podcast at the end. Please comment with your thoughts or tweet at us @packyourmics​.

Now, some thoughts about s04e01. I should say, I’ve absolutely loved this show before but I’m a bit discouraged by the first episode of the new season. Specifically:

  • I’m done with immunity forever. There has never been a point on the show when I’ve thought, “Thank goodness that person had immunity or a serious injustice would be done here.” The only time it matters is when it’s causing harm. Every Quickfire should be for money the end.
  • “The most extreme season”? Ugh. And part of that teaser included the mild insinuation that a chef dies in a fire. What the hell? I love talented people being talented, not chefs running from fires and being EXTREME.
  • Battle of the sexes? Ugh some more. More 90s reality TV tropes. You’re better than this!
  • The only chef I’m even a little interested in at this point is Gabriela Neda. Most of the other chefs seem like jerks and WAY under qualified compared to previous seasons. Did they have trouble casting this season?
  • On the plus side, at least the Canadians have their knife block at the ready when the season starts. MORE KNIFE BLOCK!

For those we encouraged to watch this show, I may have to apologize soon. Are you worried too? Did you find anything to love at this point? Let us know in the comments!

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