No episode this week because of Thanksgiving but I just wanted to share a letter we got this week that cleared some things up for Chris. Thanks for helping us out, Abby!

The cranberries actually pop off the bushes when they are hit with this weird paddleboat thing that just slaps them off. They then float because of a little bubble of air inside.

America has also gotten too good at growing and harvesting cranberries which is why cranberry juice has infected every other juice.

Cranberries are my favorite fruit in relation to their harvesting because we just went all “fuck picking them, flood this bitch”.

We couldn’t agree more. Flood more stuff, food growers!

Abby also said this which we love to hear.

Lots of love to Caleb! He is probably my favorite background podcast noise baby.

Ours too!

As always, we love your email.

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