A couple quick thoughts on episode 3:

  • Still not enjoying the “extreme” nonsense or the battle of the sexes. I really prefer a dignified Top Chef.
  • Veggie burgers are so hard to make taste good, and despite chef Lauren Marshall winning episode 1 with a vegan dish seems like her veganness is catching up to her.
  • I was sad to see chef Dawn Doucette go. I want her to get out from under Earl’s and make her own way in the world. Also she has an angry resting face.
  • Mark McEwan said a really interesting thing at Judge’s Table. There were several bad dishes and he said they should discuss who has more potential to win the competition, something that goes directly against the Tom ethos of Top Chef Regular. Tom believes that you only judge based on the plate they just put out, nothing from before or after. Not sure which way I think is better for the show, just interesting to note the difference.

What were your thoughts about episode 3? Are you loving the Battle of the Sexes stuff?

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