Well, it’s happened. The thing we all dreaded, the thing Alex promised us would never happen, the thing the Mayans predicted all those years ago. And all we have left to do is pick up the pieces.

It’s sad, of course, but we had to have seen it coming. The lengths the producers went to trying to convince us Nick was human and the finale was close, it had to be a give away. Still, as we move through our stages of grief towards acceptance, at least we have each other. And this picture of Stephanie looking how we feel.


Nick, you peaked well at just the right moment. Congratulations.

Nina, I’ll go to your restaurant any chance I get.

Thanks to everybody for listening, it’s been a really fun season. We’ll be back from time to time during the off season to talk about Top Chef Canada, Masters, and maybe even Extreme. Keep in touch!

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