College is the place for experimentation, not boring shrimp.

But first! For the Quickfire challenge, the chefs have to cook drumsticks. For a drummer, because Top Chef loves the puns all of a sudden. Specifically, they’re cooking for Questlove of the The Roots, which is awesome. In a slightly awkward moment, he’s there to plug his restaurant which has since closed. Oops.


Next up, the chefs “go back to school” as they keep saying. Really they’re just going to a school, but it’s hard not to be cute. They’re at LSU (the only university with a live tiger, apparently).


They cook for 500 students, which is amazing, and they do it without well distributed cooking equipment. Who will help the kids put on the freshman 15 and who will make them wish they didn’t have a meal plan? Find out.

Also, if you haven’t, you should definitely watch Behind the Mask on Hulu.

In comments, tell us if your college experience was mostly about stealing food OR when you became a foodie.

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