Top Chef has never shied away from holidays, celebrities, and the occasional vegetarian meal. So why not do all three? Because the chefs will blow it, that’s why.

Despite the fact that the show films during the summer, the crew decides to pretend it’s Halloween for Lea Michelle. She’s “throwing a costume party” and wants “spooky” (doesn’t happen) food that’s also “vegan” (she loves cheese). All of those different curve balls prove too much for the chefs who manage to make food that’s not spooky, and in most cases, not tasty.

This is all after an adorable Quick Fire where Padma and Gail bring their moms on for a foil-covered shopping spree. And in the web-only Last Chance To Be On TV, all the eliminated chefs compete for the right to be still ranked above Ramon.

Take to the comments now to let us know who your favorite celebrity guest on the show was (or least favorite, I’m looking at you Pee Wee!). And while you’re there, tell us your favorite Top Chef villain of all time and what it takes to be the villainiest villain.


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