The question of the day: Is Vietnamese cooking a sexually transmitted skill?

That’s what the chefs need to figure out because Travis (who said in episode one he only sleeps with Asians) is getting a chance to cook his favorite cuisine: Vietnamese. But will a rockabilly chick with a knowledge of lettuces help or hurt the team? And can anybody stop James Beard nominee for chef badassery (and James Chef nominee for great beard having)? Maybe it’s Shirley who would be upset if she lost a Vietnamese challenge despite being from a way different part of the giant continent of Asia. Maybe it’s doe-y eyes with the tasty but ugly desserts. Let’s all agree it better not be Malcolm Gladwell.

Episode 4 also raised a really interesting question. Should a guy with too much lemon grass offer to share? Let us know your thoughts in the comments and also be sure to tell us the classic dish you’d like to see re-imagined!


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